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Below follows by tariff code the planned and offered care with belonging
personnel to it.


BGJ(I) VG base + Module client feature Accompaniment by applying and training learned skills and behavior of Multi-problem-family of children/young ones with a mental disability which involves a psychiatric disorder and with moderate or heavy problem-behavior. For this care will co-operate SPW + SPH + B-nurses + A-nurses in a team.
We charge an hour tariff of € 89,00.
BG ZG base + Module client-feature ZG Exercise and methodological interventions focussed on dealing with the consequences of a severe sensory and/or a communication disorder. For this care SPW + SPH will co-operate. We charge an hour tariff of € 107,30.
OB special 1 base + Module client-feature NAH Accompaniment and support with the limitations at the level of self-regiment of daily life, self-reliant cooking, self-reliant living, for clients with a not inborn brain damage. This care will be done by A-nurses + VIG with SPW/SPH background.
We charge an hour tariff of € 74,00.
Bodily care and supportive accompaniment € 48,10 p.u.
Specialized care/intensive accompaniment € 54,90 p.u.
Homecare € 35,90 p.u.


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