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International branch

People who come from abroad or who reside in The Netherlands and do not master the Dutch language, may use the international service branch of Healthcare Ernestine.


If visitors come from abroad with an ill elderly, an ill husband or an ill child, we may offer support.

Healthcare Ernestine will drive through the whole country in order to offer the necessary care.

Who wants a short-period of care, has to consume an hour, because we want to have the time in order to record the whole situation, to supervise and to support the family well, because the family comes from abroad. Problems concerning the care, will be collected and sufficient time will be spent at the behalf of informing each other, in order problems will be solved quickly. For clients with a severe care request, Healthcare Ernestine will call upon a doctor in the neighborhood of the client, even before the client arrives in the Netherlands. When the client arrives in the Netherlands, Healthcare Ernestine will stand by with this doctor.

Before commence of the care, the client has to hand over a declaration in which is written that the own doctor in the country of origin:

  • Is informed that Healthcare Ernestine supplies care, and also
  • Agrees that a Dutch doctor is in contact with the own doctor of the country of origin and also
  • Agrees that the Dutch doctor supports the client.

If an indication is needed, the Dutch doctor will deliberate with the own doctor of the country of origin.

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