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Frequently asked questions…

How long does it take until I am being helped?

In an emergency case within 48 hours. The regular procedure, including an intake, it takes up to 6 weeks.

Does Healthcare Ernestine supply care in kind (Regular healthcare)

Healthcare Ernestine is in principle a private care provider, which also supports care by contract with municipalities.

Can I apply to Healthcare Ernestine for care on behalf of my parents?

Sure, that is possible. If you are legally authorized or if you are given the authorization from your parents to manage your parent’s business and parent’s PGB-money.

Can I transfer to Healthcare Ernestine and does Healthcare Ernestine manage the transfer with my further healthcare organization?

Yes you can switch, but no, we do not manage the transfer. But we can give you advice and support.

Can Healthcare Ernestine help me with the PGB-papers?

No, we are not supposed to do so, but our accounts are comprehensive and very easy to process in the PGB-administration of our clients.

How can I apply for a PGB?

You can apply to the Care-Office (zorgkantoor) in your minicupality, either by letter or by phone, with an indication of te CIZ.

Does Healthcare Ernestine provide specialized care?

That is dependent upon your needs, but typically we can provide all kinds of specialism.

How can I make an application for care to Healthcare Ernestine?

You can make an application only by means of a consultation with one of our colleagues. See our application form.

What does Healthcare Ernestine offer?

Well adjusted care with a profound working-method.

I speak bad and/or shortcoming Dutch, does this cause a problem?

No, because our colleagues speak several languages.

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